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20-Jul-2017 07:17

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And when I wrote them to take her profile down, they refused, saying only she could do that. They said an email will be sent to me in 24 to 48 hours. It is really confusing to read all the negative reviews. I have met my (ex)girlfriend on Cupid so i know that it is absolutely not a fake dating site!!!

A month later, they sent a message saying they had, so I went to the site to make sure, and I had received ANOTHER message from the dead woman's account saying she was "real and horny, want to chat? If I was single I would come back to Cupid or Mingle2day as I know that those sites are the best. I was looking at this site about three months ago and joined for about 2 weeks.

I am filing a dispute with B of A against this payment.

Tried Cupid for a bit of a laugh and its pretty good actually. I actually joined up the same week I joined We Just and although Ive had more dates with We Just Fit, I think Ill keep up my Cupid subscripsion anyway, as its good to have a few options and its not to expensive.

I contacted support requesting them to look into it: no reply. A former friend was on this site and I was monitoring her by checking her profile. After two days I see a charge in my bank account for .99. I've switched over to now and that is looking more promising already.

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With a remarkable member base of over 600,000 military personnel and civilians, whether you’re looking for a military penpal or love in the armed forces, you can find it right here.

Scammers, charged .99 for 1 month when i subscribed for 3 day try at .97 Credit card company alerted me of the charge. I printed the payment history on the site where it clearly states that my subscription was for 3 days at .97 I signed up for one month with all the extras, 52 Dollars. working in Syria for the military, or I am on a ship to Australia delivering goods for the X shipping company and this guy did not want to tell me where he was from. First and foremost, I don't recommend anyone sign up for any foreign cupid site until you are ready to travel to that niche country.

I keep getting the same faces of people who write bull$#*! Doing so will just lead you to disappointment, stress of these chics asking for money all day and hearing all kinds of sob stories.

They will shower you with attention, pictures and then the money kill. Some full time pros, others have jobs but need money for Iphones (their favorite) etc ... I used cupid to line up the girls and slept with the majority of them simply by telling them I will give them money in person.

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Since the trip is usually less than two weeks away, they are happy to wait.Will make a final decision when the three months are up but not a bad site at all. Fake profiles from Ukraine and other countries are on their websites. Make your review of them on this website or others for scammers.

Indeed, the functionality of the web gives singles the ability to look for a partner using specific criteria (and to screen those who don’t fit the bill) – which means that there is a very good chance of finding someone truly compatible online.… continue reading »

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Most people call these systems late at night when they are feeling horny and want to get off while talking dirty to someone else.… continue reading »

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If you handle the situation badly, that giggle could morph into a snarl and a sexual harassment lawsuit.… continue reading »

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Whether you're looking for something simple and sweet or downright raunchy, it's up to you and your partner on how far you're willing to take it! For those of us in Long Distance Relationships 'sexual gratification' just doesn't cut it.… continue reading »

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