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18-Aug-2017 04:45

If you’re going somewhere that you’ve never been to before, don’t be afraid to ask what other people are wearing.

If you and your friends are going to a cocktail bar and they’re all wearing blazers, it wouldn’t hurt to follow their lead.

Dressing properly will at the very least keep you from feeling out of place, and at the most get the girls to come to you!

I know I’ve gone up to guys and asked where they got a piece of clothing they’re wearing, and I’m sure other girls have done the same.

Lots of my closest friends met their current significant others at bars, and so I’ll always be a proponent of a good old fashioned meet-cute.

But how do you A) find a girl that is as stylish and engaging as you are, and B) interested in you?

Ooh, and this is important: When you go out, bring just a friend or two instead of a big group, and sit so you aren’t closed off to the room. Women have a secret language in which you guys will never become fluent. She can also throw in a good word for you if she’s willing to play wing (wo)man.

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Okay fellas, let’s talk about how to meet girls at bars. Look, I know that (when you’re not Ryan Gosling) it can be hard to meet girls out in the wild.

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