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When you factor in Cameran’s you and naive personality with the fact that Brad was just out of a long term relationship, you’re headed for disaster.Though this relationship didn’t work both Brad and Cameran have been able to date other people and even marry a Road Ruler!Still, the physical attraction between him and Nany was apparent.Adam put in a good amount of effort trying to win Nany over, but it never worked out and she resisted his advances, especially after he was booted from the show.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).

Ty & Emily Real World DC Another odd fit, but there were certainly some traits that were compatible.

We made an agreement it wouldn't be awkward." However, for all of us who have seen the trailer for the new season, we do see an castmate asking Melinda "how could you divorce this kid? Melinda, who has been on a total of four challenges, says now she is happy with where her life is. Although she's lived with some of these people before, Melinda gave us a little hint that although she has a super goofy personality, we may get to see her more...

In a serious relationship, she's learned so much during her time on MTV about life, love, and about herself.

Playing on the exes theme for the upcoming Real World season, I’d like to stroll down memory lane and check out some of the previous relationships on The Real World that were doomed from the start.

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As much as I liked some of these couples, I knew that they weren’t meant to last.‘It was a joyful occasion,’ says a member of the congregation in the Catholic Basilica in Castellabate.