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See the entries above left from the volume covering 1953. The table below gives the citations for each installment of the bibliography. The abstracts for linguistics are arranged into five sections: general linguistics, the Bulgarian language, Slavic languages, Indo-European languages, non-Indo-European languages.The image to the right is an example of what the citations look like in the 1994 bibliography. Every entry provides a full bibliographic citation and an abstract that is signed by the contributor.One of its sections is devoted to “Ezikoznanie.” See the page on Bulgarian Bibliographies of Bibliographies for annotations and call numbers for this publication and two retrospective bibliographies of bibliographies with coverage going back to 1852.These sources cover not only bibliographies that were published as monographs, but also ones that appeared in journals.Cross references are provided for works that could be listed under multiple categories.Also, please note that there are two special sections on the page for General Resources for Slavic Linguistics that are particularly relevant for Bulgarian, South Slavic and Balkanistika.

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See the image below for a few examples from the section on stress. It contains over 1700 citations for locating texts related to a particular dialect or village. Sofiia: Izd-vo na Bulgarskata akademiia na naukite, 1973. U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Slavic — Bulgarian Reference 016.49181 B19b; also available in Oak Street Facility Works on Bulgarian lexicology and lexicography from 1944-1968 are the subject of this specialized bibliography from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Works on the “Old Bulgarian” language will be found on the page concerning Old Church Slavic/Church Slavic.

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