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23-Dec-2017 13:15

NOT free, but very inexpensive and an excellent way to get veterinarian advice or a second vet opinion. The Pet Web Site - Pet Discussion Board Great place to post your question, or comment on, issues involving your pet. Pet lovers personals offer a free forum where members can share/help with animal and pet issues. you know animal lovers are better people, why not date one? Live Pet Bird And Parrot Chat Live parrot chat at the Pet Bird Page. Lot's of great information about parrots at their Bird Page. Pet's 911 These folks are trying to save dogs, cats and other pets that can be adopted.

They cover hamsters, dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, rats, gerbils, birds... Feline Forum - Cat Chat Live, online chat forum about cats. The Pet Lover Personals Looking for someone who will love you like you love your cat... Live Psychic Pet Readings Interested in knowing what your pet is thinking and why? All Pets Chat This Australian based website is a place for pet owners to obtain useful information, meet other pet lovers and participate in fun, interactive online activities. Online Dog Training GREAT place to learn how to start training your dog or puppy. Clicker Training For Dogs Fast, easy, gentle way to start training your dog or puppy ... Great resource site if you want to learn about pet adoption, saving pets and were to get emergency pet card.

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The chat is free and signup is easy - simply signup to Beast Forum or Petsex and get access to the chat!

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