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But I’m going to be honest here: I have been happily married for almost 2 decades and I’ve been known to sneak a peek now and again.

I don’t think it’s realistic to think he’s never going to look at another woman.

BUT, “When you look at other women, it makes me feel like you think they are prettier than me.

I take full responsibility for feeling this way, but I am hoping that by sharing it with you, it will help us to make a change that will work for both of us” will start a conversation. One more little tip – the minute you stop caring about this, he will probably stop looking at other women.

Make sure you take responsibility for your discomfort.

For example: “You shouldn’t look at other people because it hurts my feelings” will not get your point across.

Take some time to listen to the thoughts you have when you see him look at another woman. You don’t have control over what is happening inside your husband’s head, but you do have control over what you tell yourself about any situation. Try not to make assumptions about what his looking has to do with him, you or the person he is looking at. Once you have gotten very clear about your own thoughts, feelings and assumptions, you are ready to talk to him.

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This is an issue that has puzzled women for a long time.

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Why does the man sitting next to you glance at other women? Kind of like watching football with their hands in their pants.Hopefully he will consider your feelings in the future and modify his gazing habits.