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15-Sep-2017 05:19

I ran for the bathroom, showered and shaved in less than ten minutes, then hurried back to the bedroom to dress. Then Iran smack into a big traffic tangle at the Boeing turnoff.

Ed was still sprawled out on the bed, his dick stretched out on his belly, up to his navel. The cars were inching along and I didn't seem to be able to slow the steady progress of the hands on my watch-no matter how I cursed at it.

Out he came again, his cockhead smashing into my big nuts as he tried to find my gaping shitter again.

It pressed tight up between my legs and I could see it glistening among my pubes when I looked down. " I'd laughed when he looked up from putting it on me. I rolled up on top of him, careful to keep his cock up my ass.Suddenly Ed roared like a bull and tightened his arms around my chest.His big prick started flexing inside of me and next thing I knew, he started squirting hot cum by the quart up into my guts.Nevertheless, my groin started to tingle as soon as my aching chute sounded the alarm that there was a full-scale invasion underway.

Ed always wakes up with a hard-on when we get together.I was lying on my side and he was already stuck in deep, so I pulled one leg up towards my chest to give him a clear shot at what he wanted. "You already fucked my balls into a knot last night.

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