Designed to sell updating an 80s bathroom

07-Sep-2017 08:55

Avenzo Silver Travertine This silver travertine is a great way to lean toward the gray side of the palette, while still hitting the needs of your fixtures. The only thing it lacks is a drink holder for your glass of wine – WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?Most travertines have warmer, creamier colours which are well-suited to almond. However, things add up FAST when you’re updating/renovating, so if you’d rather keep your budget at a dull roar, check out these tile-choosing tips…

designed to sell updating an 80s bathroom-52

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An easy DIY ladder made from reclaimed wood is a fun way to utilize the wall space for extra storage.

This vintage buffet-turned-vanity (a repurposed Craigslist find) is one of my favorite parts of this room.