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Harrison Ford was a certified superstar by the time he met Calista, though he struggled early on in his career.

As he floundered about Hollywood from bit role to bit role, he taught himself carpentry on the side in order to make ends meet.

in 1976, while Harrison was an unknown actor, and Mathison was a lowly production assistant.

Ford described his first impression of Mathison, “I found her very attractive. It was the way she behaved, the intellectual connection we made.” It’s no surprise given Ford’s feisty persona that he was interested in more than looks.

Friends of Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison were hopeful that their rough patch could be overcome, and to their relief, the pair reconciled in the spring of 2001, moving back in together.

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, which earned him a whopping million paycheck.His second wedding was a hurried affair, lasting only 15 minutes at the courthouse in Santa Monica.It was fitting given that it was Ford who suggested the now iconic response to Princess Leia’s “I love you” with “I know” in , for which he was nominated for his first and only Academy Award.But in 1973, he got a break when George Lucas cast him in has spawned one of the most financially successful film franchises in history, catapulting Ford to stardom.

Though he only made ,000 on the first film, he became a household name, and had everyone in Hollywood knocking on his door.

She graduated high school in New Jersey and opted to attend the prestigious Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University.